Fine art and art instruction by Dave Jones Fine art and art instruction by Dave Jones Affordable original contemporary collectible paintings - great home decor!

Original paintings by Mississippi artist, teacher and jazz saxophonist Dave Jones.
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  • Valentine's Day Valentine's Day
  • Two In The Bush Two In The Bush
  • Three Kings Three Kings
  • Taffy Tata Taffy Tata
  • Taffy Tangle Taffy Tangle
  • Swimming Upstream Swimming Upstream
  • Surf Sailor Surf Sailor
  • Stutter Stutter
  • Soft Touch Soft Touch
  • Satin Girl Satin Girl
  • Satin Boy Satin Boy
  • Rivers Bottom Rivers Bottom
  • Ready Fetti Ready Fetti
  • Puff Party Puff Party
  • Pleasant Pheasant Pleasant Pheasant
  • Persimmonal Persimmonal
  • Papyrus Papyrus
  • Orange Crush Orange Crush
  • New Math New Math
  • Mud Mud
  • Maternity Maternity
  • Marsh Echo Marsh Echo
  • Mango Mania 2 Mango Mania 2
  • Manatee March Manatee March
  • Limealope Limealope
  • Lavish Lavish
  • Ghost Leaves Ghost Leaves
  • Forest At Night Forest At Night
  • Flock Shuttle Flock Shuttle
  • Fire Licker Fire Licker
  • Elephant Strut (graphite on paper) Elephant Strut (graphite on paper)
  • Crow Magnet Crow Magnet
  • Crash Course Crash Course
  • Crell Que Crell Que
  • Coffee Crunch Coffee Crunch
  • Clown Town Clown Town
  • Cloud Cover Cloud Cover
  • Clay Quilt Clay Quilt
  • Checkers (graphite on paper) Checkers (graphite on paper)
  • Camel Train Camel Train
  • Amazonia Amazonia
  • Agua Samba Agua Samba
  • Bayou Bopper Bayou Bopper
  • Their World Their World
  • Paper Cuts Paper Cuts
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